How do I handle crosswinds while driving an RV?

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How do I handle crosswinds while driving an RV?

Crosswinds can be a significant challenge while driving an RV, as the large surface area can act like a sail and cause the vehicle to sway. To handle crosswinds, reduce your speed and maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel. Keep both hands on the wheel and avoid sudden movements. Stay alert for changes in wind direction and anticipate gusts by observing nearby trees and flags. If you encounter strong crosswinds, consider pulling over at a safe location, such as a rest area, until the winds subside. If the RV has a retractable awning, it’s best to retract it before hitting the road to reduce wind resistance. Properly inflated and balanced tires can also improve stability in crosswind conditions. In extreme cases of crosswinds, professional drivers recommend using your engine brake to assist in maintaining control and stability.

How do I handle crosswinds while driving an RV?


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