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Storing RV batteries in a Seacan is generally permissible; however, it’s advisable to take specific precautions. Before storage, ensure the battery is fully charged and disconnected to prevent drainage. It’s also wise to periodically check the battery’s charge level during prolonged storage. Wheeler’s RV Storage might provide additional guidance or services for battery maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

Seacan storage at Wheeler’s RV Storage offers a unique advantage with its weather-resistant, steel containers. These Seacans provide an added layer of security and durability compared to conventional storage units. The use of steel ensures protection against external elements, enhancing the safety and preservation of stored RVs. Additionally, the facility’s focus on comprehensive security measures and accessibility sets it apart from other storage options in Edmonton.

Seacans offer some insulation but are not specifically designed for climate control. To mitigate temperature variations inside the container, Wheeler’s RV Storage may suggest additional measures, such as using dehumidifiers or insulating covers for RVs stored for extended periods.

Wheelers RV & Boat Storage imposes restrictions on storing hazardous materials, perishable items, live plants or animals, flammable substances, and illegal or illicit goods within seacans or any storage units. Additionally, items that may pose a risk to the environment or the safety of other stored belongings might be prohibited. It’s advisable to speak directly with our staff to understand specific restrictions or guidelines regarding what can and cannot be stored in a seacan at Wheelers RV & Boat Storage. Understanding these restrictions ensures compliance with storage regulations and the safety of both stored items and the facility’s environment.

Seacans or shipping containers, are designed to be weatherproof and generally withstand various weather conditions, including Edmonton’s climate. These containers are made of durable steel and constructed to be water-resistant, effectively shielding stored items from rain, snow, and wind. In Edmonton, where temperatures can fluctuate dramatically throughout the year, seacans demonstrate resilience against extreme cold temperatures and heavy snowfall. Their robust construction enables them to endure harsh weather elements like freezing temperatures and snow loads, ensuring a level of protection for the items stored inside. While they offer a degree of insulation against temperature fluctuations, it’s essential to note that seacans might experience some internal temperature changes in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, additional measures, such as insulation and periodic checks on stored items, can enhance protection within the container.

Seacans offer a reasonably secure storage option for motorbikes due to their sturdy construction and inherent design features. These containers are made of durable steel, providing a robust barrier against unauthorized access and external elements. When properly locked and secured, seacans offer a level of protection against theft and vandalism, especially when combined with quality locks and additional security measures like padlocks or security bars. However, it’s essential to note that while seacans offer a good base level of security, they are not immune to determined theft attempts. Supplementing security with additional measures such as security cameras, and motion sensors, or choosing a well-monitored storage facility can further enhance the safety of stored motorbikes within a seacan. Regular checks on the container’s integrity, coupled with insurance coverage for the stored items, provide added layers of protection and peace of mind for the long-term storage of valuable motorbikes.


  • 6 Month Term $330
  • Full Year Term $660


Our RV storage site is 8 minutes west from St. Albert just off Villeneuve Rd and Range Rd 264. Easy access to the Anthony Henday Freeway, Highway 44 and Highway #2/St. Albert Trail, St. Albert.

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