Safe Storage

Our property is guarded with multiple layers of security features to ensure your assets are safe and well managed:

  • 24 hours security cameras that record all vehicles coming and going
  • After-hours motion sensor alarms
  • Onsite tenants that keep an eye on the activity
  • Gated access to the fenced-off facility
  • Two large guard dogs

Flexible Access

We strive to make your experience at our site as positive as we can.

  • Our roads are larger than the industry standard at 45 feet wide to give you more room to turn, back up and safely park your unit. Compare our to road width to other sites and see who gives you the most room to maneuver!
  • At 12 feet wide and ft. 40 ft. long our stall size rivals many of our local competitors. We offer more space for less money!
  • Open 8 am to 8 pm to allow you great access to your unit.
  • Are you a new RV owner? Does towing and parking a trailer make you a little nervous? We can help you with some easy pointers to get you situated in your storage stall.
  • Ask about our new pull-through stalls!

Video Monitored

We monitor the site from multiple angles to ensure that your property is kept safe. See for yourself! This is just one of many video cameras we have recording on site. Nothing happens on our site that we don’t know about!