Should I level my RV when storing it?

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Should I level my RV when storing it?

Yes, it is advisable to level your RV when storing it. Leveling your RV during storage helps to maintain its structural integrity and prevent potential issues. When an RV is not level, it can put unnecessary stress on its frame and suspension components, potentially leading to damage over time. Additionally, an unlevel RV may cause water to pool on the roof, which can lead to leaks and water damage. Leveling the RV ensures that the weight is distributed evenly and helps to stabilize the vehicle, reducing the risk of rocking or swaying during storage. It is especially crucial if you plan to store the RV for an extended period. To level your RV, use leveling blocks, stabilizer jacks, or leveling systems designed for this purpose. Place them under the wheels or jacks to achieve a stable and level position. Regularly check and adjust the RV’s level during storage to ensure it remains in optimal condition and is ready for use when you decide to take it on your next adventure.

To level your RV when storing it, start by selecting a flat and stable parking spot to avoid potential complications. Utilize leveling blocks, either commercial ones or improvised materials like wooden planks or plastic blocks specifically designed for RVs, and place them under the wheels that need to be raised to achieve a level position. Check the built-in level indicators or bubble levels on your RV to identify which side or corner needs adjustment. Once the RV is parked in the desired spot, engage the parking brake and use wheel chocks on both sides of the tires to prevent any accidental movement. Carefully raise or lower the wheels as needed using a motorized leveling system or manual jacks, while periodically checking the level indicators to ensure the RV is properly leveled. If your RV has stabilizer jacks, deploy them to provide additional support and stability. Regularly recheck the level to ensure it remains steady throughout the storage period. By following these steps, you’ll help maintain your RV’s structural integrity and prevent potential issues caused by uneven storage.

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