Comparing Quality Trailer Brands

You might be wondering, what are the best RV travel trailers and brands? Well, we’re here to help you answer that question! There are thousands of options when it comes to travel trailers, so let’s break down the top travel trailer brands available today.


Airstream offers luxury campers and is typically the first thing people think of when you say luxury camper. Airstream has developed one of the most recognizable RVs in the travel trailer industry. Even though they are priced in the high-end range, the amount of value and amenities that come with them are worth the price tag.

Grand Design RV

Grand Design is another well-known brand with a die-hard fanbase. Anyone who owns a Grand Design has seemed to love the overall quality of their camper and you can find many reviews online with outstanding ratings. Not only that, but their customer service is top-notch.



Winnebago has a long history in the RV industry, and it is a well-known and well-respected RV company today. Winnebago builds a large variety of high-quality motor homes and other types of trailers.

Happier Camper

If you’re looking for a travel trailer that is small and lightweight, Happier Camper is hard to beat in that category. Happier Camper makes unique, retro-style campers that lots of people love. One thing that makes Happier Camper trailers unique is the fact that they feature a modular interior, meaning you are able to arrange it in any way you’d like.

Lance Campers

Lance Campers are another trailer company that has a long history, and customers that love them and their customer service. Their travel trailers are known to have well-designed interiors using top-grade materials.


Forest River

Forest River is one of the biggest RV manufacturers in the continental United States. They make a variety of different kinds of camping trailers and RVs. They a also own a few other brands, such as Dynamax, Prime Time and Shasta, among others.


So this was our list of top travel trailer brands and products in the industry. But no matter what brand, they all have their own loyal fanbase. The perfect travel trailer brand for you really depends upon what you are looking for when it comes to looks or style, and the features you want your travel trailer to have. Some will be more suited to you than others.

We recommend going out there and seeing these RVs in person so you can get a real idea of what they look like, inside and out. You should also check out reviews, YouTube videos, forums and other resources that are available online. If you want to select the best RV for you, then you should take the time to do your research.

Come to Wheeler’s RV Storage if you want a trusted place to store your RV or if you have any other questions about finding the perfect RV for you. We can help point you in the right direction!