• 6 Month Term $330
  • Full Year Term $660


Our RV storage site is 8 minutes west from St. Albert just off Villeneuve Rd and Range Rd 264. Easy access to the Anthony Henday Freeway, Highway 44 and Highway #2/St. Albert Trail, St. Albert.

Secure Vehicle Storage

Rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands with our safe and secure RV storage facility. Our site is secured with a guard dog, onsite tenants and security cameras to ensure your assets are safe and well managed. When you store your vehicle with us, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be kept safe and secure. You can store almost any kind of vehicle in our well protected storage facility.

Flexible Facility Access

Get full-access to your stall between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm 7 days a week.

Our parking stalls are huge! Our vehicle storage facility has 12 ft. wide x 40 ft. long stalls & a 45 ft. wide driveway for easy access in and out.

Our location is convenient for anyone in Edmonton or St. Albert looking for short-term, seasonal, or over-winter vehicle storage. We offer RV storage near you. We make it easy to store any type of vehicle: RV, cars, trucks, farm and heavy equipment, and more!

Great RV Storage Rates

Starting at only $55/month! Why pay more? Compare our rates with other vehicle storage companies.

Wheelers RV & Boat Storage offers the most competitive rates for RV storage near you in Edmonton and St. Albert.

Video Monitored Facility

We monitor the site from multiple angles to ensure that your property is kept safe. See for yourself! This is just one of many video cameras we have recording on site.

Safe, Secure, Affordable RV & Vehicle Storage Facility Near You.

Your Local RV Storage Facility. RV Storage Near You. Your Best Option For RV Storage In Edmonton & St. Albert. 

Common Questions About Wheelers RV & Boat Storage

Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions about Wheelers RV & Boat Storage. Our FAQ will help you get the information you need about our facility, policies, and procedures.

FAQ Categories

The frequency of emptying waste tanks in an RV depends on tank size and usage. Generally, blackwater tanks (for sewage) may need emptying every few days to a week, while graywater tanks (for sinks and showers) fill up more slowly. Plan to visit RV dump stations or use onboard facilities as needed, and follow campground rules for waste disposal. Regular maintenance and proper waste management are crucial for a pleasant RV experience.

During a camper walkthrough, pay attention to essential details. Check for signs of wear and tear, water damage, or structural issues. Test appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems. Inspect the tires and brakes. Ensure that slide-outs, if present, operate smoothly. Ask questions about maintenance history and any warranties.

Select your first RV by considering your travel needs, budget, and lifestyle. Start with the type of RV that suits you (motorhome, trailer, camper van). Test drive or walk through different models to assess layout and features. Research user reviews and consult with experienced RVers for insights.

The age of an RV matters to some extent. Older RVs may require more maintenance and lack modern amenities, but they can be more budget-friendly. Newer RVs often come with updated features and warranties but come at a higher price. Careful inspection and maintenance can make an older RV a viable choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Prepare for RV life by researching and planning. Create a budget that includes RV costs, maintenance, and travel expenses. Downsize your belongings to fit into the RV. Learn basic RV maintenance and safety procedures. Develop a flexible itinerary and be ready for unexpected situations while on the road.

Deciding to live in an RV depends on your goals, lifestyle, and adaptability. RV living offers freedom and adventure, but it also comes with challenges like limited space and maintenance. Evaluate your priorities, financial situation, and willingness to embrace a mobile lifestyle before making the leap.

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