Trailer Storage - Frequently Asked Questions

You can typically find this information on the City of Edmonton’s official website or by contacting the city directly.

Yes, you can store your trailer at home in Edmonton. However, trailers take up a lot of room and there may be restrictions depending on local bylaws and HOA regulations. If you don’t need to use your trailer for a few months, you might want to consider using a vehicle storage facility. It can be a convenient and secure option, freeing up space at your home.

At Wheelers RV & Boat Storage, the cost of trailer storage can differ based on the size and type of storage. Here’s an overview of our pricing:

6-month plan: $330

1-year plan: $660

All prices are subject to GST.

Our facility operates from 8am to 8pm. During these hours, you’ll have access to your trailer and our staff will be available to assist you.

Yes, options typically include outdoor uncovered storage, covered storage, and enclosed storage. The best choice depends on your budget, trailer size, and protection needs.

Preparing a trailer for long-term storage often involves cleaning and winterizing (if applicable), removing any perishable items, checking tire pressure, and covering to protect from the weather if you’re not using covered storage space.