What is the best surface to store an RV on?

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What is the best surface to store an RV on?

At Wheelers RV Storage, we store RVs on a gravel parking pad because it provides good drainage and prevents moisture buildup. By storing your RV on gravel, you help to prevent any moisture or water from building up and causing problems.

When storing an RV, suitable surfaces include concrete pads, asphalt, gravel, and paved parking lots in dedicated RV storage facilities. These surfaces offer stability, drainage, and protection against moisture buildup and sinking. RV covers or pads can be used on grass or soil to distribute weight and safeguard the tires and chassis. It is essential to level the RV properly, use wheel chocks, and regularly inspect the storage area to prevent any damage or issues. Avoid storing the RV directly on grass or soil without proper measures, as this can lead to moisture absorption and uneven settling, potentially damaging the vehicle’s components. Choosing the right surface for RV storage ensures the vehicle remains in good condition and is ready for use when needed.

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