What is seacan storage, and how does it work?

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What is seacan storage, and how does it work?

Seacan storage, also known as shipping container storage, involves using large, durable containers originally designed for transporting goods via ships. These containers are repurposed for secure storage. Seacans offer a versatile storage solution, providing a weatherproof and highly secure space for storing a wide range of items, including furniture, equipment, and personal belongings. At Wheelers RV and Boat Storage, we offer seacan storage options to meet your storage needs.

Sea cans, also known as shipping containers or conex boxes, are typically not designed to be inherently mobile on their own. They are primarily used for transporting goods via ships, trains, and trucks and are designed to be easily loaded and unloaded onto these modes of transportation.

However, with the use of specialized equipment and proper planning, sea cans can be moved and transported to different locations. Here are a few scenarios where sea cans can be made mobile:

  1. On a Truck or Trailer: Shipping containers can be loaded onto flatbed trucks or trailers and transported to different locations. This is often done with the help of cranes or forklifts.
  2. Converted Mobile Structures: Sea cans are sometimes converted into various structures, such as portable offices, storage units, or even tiny homes. These converted structures can be moved using trucks or trailers.
  3. Temporary Storage: Some companies or individuals may rent or lease shipping containers for temporary storage needs. The containers can be delivered to a specified location and later picked up for transport to another site.
  4. Construction Sites: Shipping containers are sometimes used as on-site storage units or offices on construction sites. They can be moved around the site as needed using heavy equipment.

It’s important to note that moving sea cans requires proper equipment, expertise, and sometimes permits, depending on local regulations. If you’re considering using a shipping container for mobile purposes, it’s advisable to work with professionals who specialize in container transportation and conversions to ensure safe and successful relocation.

What is seacan storage, and how does it work? - faq - Wheeler's RV and Boat Storage


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