Can I cancel my vehicle storage contract early?

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Can I cancel my vehicle storage contract early?

Yes, you can cancel your storage contract early, but you may be required to provide a notice period or charge a fee for early cancellation. It’s important to review your contract and discuss any concerns with the facility’s management before cancelling your contract.

The specific consequences of cancelling a storage contract early can vary depending on the terms and conditions outlined in the contract itself and the policies of the storage facility. It is important to review the contract thoroughly before signing to understand the implications of early termination. Here are some common outcomes:

  1. Early termination fees: Storage facilities may impose early termination fees if you cancel the contract before the agreed-upon term is completed. These fees can vary and are typically intended to cover any costs incurred by the facility due to the cancellation.
  2. Forfeiture of prepaid rent: If you have paid for storage in advance, canceling the contract early may result in the forfeiture of any unused rent. The facility may not refund the portion of rent for the remaining storage period.
  3. Notice requirements: The contract may stipulate a notice period that you must adhere to before canceling. Failing to provide the required notice may result in additional fees or penalties.


It is crucial to communicate with the storage facility as soon as possible if you anticipate needing to cancel the contract early. They may have specific policies or options available for early termination or may be willing to negotiate a solution. Always consult the contract and communicate directly with the facility to fully understand the implications and potential costs associated with canceling the storage contract early.


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