Car Storage - Frequently Asked Questions

Wheeler’s RV offers safe and secure storage for your recreational vehicle, boat, car, or trailer! If you want to store anything else in our facility, please contact us to discuss your options.

The answer is yes, two cars can typically fit in a 20ft stall at Wheeler’s RV and Boat Storage. Our spacious stalls provide the space you need to store your vehicles safely and securely.

It depends on the car, but in general, it is safe to store a car for up to six months without driving it. Make sure you have taken all necessary precautions before storing your vehicle, such as changing the oil, topping off fluids and fuel levels, adding a stabilizer to the gas tank, and choosing an appropriate storage facility.

Storing a car properly is actually beneficial for the vehicle, especially if it’s not going to be used for an extended period. However, if a car is not stored properly, it can lead to issues. For instance, if the car is stored without being prepared, the battery could die, the tires could develop flat spots, and the fluids could degrade. Moreover, if the car is stored in a damp environment, it could develop rust or mould.

On the other hand, if a car is not stored and is left outside with no cover, it is exposed to the elements. Sun can cause the paint to fade and the interior materials to crack. Rain and snow can contribute to rust, and fluctuating temperatures can cause wear and tear. Plus, leaving a car parked on the street or in an unsecured area can make it more susceptible to theft or vandalism.

On the other hand, properly storing a car involves steps like cleaning it, changing the oil, filling up the gas tank, and disconnecting the battery. Keeping it in a secure and climate-controlled environment can protect it from weather and temperature extremes. This kind of care is particularly important for classic or high-value cars. So, while improper storage can harm a car, proper storage protects it from both the elements and potential damage that can occur from sitting unused.

To protect your trailer tires in the winter, you should add a tire cover. This will help to keep them from getting brittle in the cold weather. For more information about our storage stalls and services, please contact us today.

We have two Rate options that you can choose from:

  • 6 months for $330
  • 12 months for $660