Three Expert RV Storage Tips To Know

Although the weather is warming up, it’s not quite RV season yet, which means your RV should still be comfortably placed in storage. RV storage helps maintain the vehicle for years to come. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re storing your RV as effectively as possible during the offseason to ensure it’s ready for the RV high season.

In this article, Wheelers RV breaks down the must-know expert RV storage tips to protect your vehicle during the offseason and have it ready for the next ride.


1. Give Your RV A Thorough Clean

Even if you’re storing your RV in a safe area away from pests, it’s still important to apply a deep clean as part of the RV storage process. Prep the RV by first
cleaning out the fridge, freezer, all bathrooms, floors and vents. This helps keep pests away from the RV and ensures it stays clean. Make sure you wipe off all
counters, tables and shelves, along with the oven and microwave. Use a disinfectant and all-purpose O cleaner to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent any mould
growth. After cleaning, it’s also a good idea to apply a good wash to the RV exterior and a coat of wax to protect it from sun damage and build-up from dirt.


2. Check On Tire Condition

The condition of your RV’s tires is important to ensure smooth drives all season long. During your RV storage routine, check the tire pressure of all four tires on the RV. To do so, follow the user manual’s instructions to find the right pressure the tires should be at When tires are stored improperly, they can weaken and eventually blow out. Use the following tips to store tires properly:

  • Apply tire covers to your tires to reduce UV exposure.
  • Use the jacks on your RV to relieve pressure on your tires during long-term storage.
  • Clean tires thoroughly with soap and water before storing them to remove built-up debris, dirt and oil.


3. Protect Its Battery

If your RV’s power source dies while in storage, the culprit is likely the battery. To avoid this frightening situation from occurring, ensure you turn off all electricity and disconnect the battery switch or connections. The battery switch is often located on the right side and once it is shut off, it stops the battery from draining completely. Ensure your battery is completely charged prior to putting it in storage to keep it strong and prevent it from freezing during the winter and cold temperatures.

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