RV Storage Tips to Save Your Ride between Trips

If you love to travel in your RV, you need to take good care of your motorhome or trailer while it’s parked so that you can extend its lifespan and take it on the road
with peace of mind. The following RV storage tips will help you preserve your ride whenever it’s not in use and will ensure it’s ready for your next adventure:

Clean the inside and outside of your RV to prevent damage

A deep clean is a must before you put your RV in storage so that insects and unpleasant smells do not greet you whenever you’re ready for your next trip. Scrubbing the outside is equally as important because it will eliminate all of the grime and protect your paint and fixtures from damage. It is also important that you unplug and clean out the fridge before you open its doors so that you don’t run into the risk of mildew. A great trick is to dump about one-third of a box of baking soda down each of the rig’s drains and never forget to drain the water tanks you will be storing your RV for a long period of time.


Protect the engine, tires and battery

You need to make sure your batteries are fully charged and must use the battery disconnect switch before you store the RV in order to save power as this will
make sure the RV is ready for you whenever you want to hit the road. If your RV has a generator system, the auto generator start must be off so that it doesn’t turn
on in storage. It’s also important that your fuel system is as full IS as possible; otherwise, additional moisture can build up in your tank and cause contamination.
which would spoil your next road trip. Cover your tires to protect them from the sun and place thin, inexpensive plastic cutting boards under each wheel to protect
them from any chemicals found in the asphalt.

Place covers over your vents and windows

This is very important; otherwise, you may encounter unwanted creatures and other elements. Vents will help keep small animals out of your RV and will also help release built up moisture and heat. A roof vent is necessary because it won’t allow any rain to get in but will allow airflow, so it’s very important. If you can, cover your entire RV because the sun will damage your paint, dashboard and tires. Close your curtains and always use a windshield screen to protect the interior from cracking.

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