RV Storage Hacks You Might Find Useful

When you have an RV, you need to make the most out of every storage opportunity if you want to carry the maximum amount of belongings. Sometimes that means getting a little creative with optimization.

Add Hanging Racks in the Kitchen

Rather than having fruit roll all over the counters when you’re driving, try adding hanging baskets under the cabinets or on the walls. This way, you are maximizing your space, eliminating clutter, and still able to keep all your snacks on the road.


Use Shoe Organizers in Cupboards to Maximize Space

Use hanging shoe racks in narrow cupboards as semi-permanent shelves for your clothing. These hanging organizers make up for the lack of drawer space in most RVs and keep clothing organized during longer trips.


Save Space in the Shower with Hanging Rods and Clips

Most showers onboard an RV is fairly small. is Maximize the space you have by adding a shower pole in your small space and hang your soaps on hoops with hooks. This keeps the shower floor space clear.


Prevent things from Sliding Around with Repurposed Organizers

Do you have old file organizers and other storage elements around your home? Why not give them a new purpose in your RV? Hang these organizers on the inside of your cupboard and store things out of your way and prevent them from sliding around on your drives.


Keep Countertop Surfaces Clear by Using Wallspace

Instead of keeping all your ingredients on the counter, hang storage elements on the wall. This way, your small appliances and ingredients are still available without fear of them sliding around while driving and the countertops
remain clear.


Use a Shoe Organizer at the Side of the Bed and Free up Floor Space

Instead of keeping all your shoes on the floor near the bed or taking up space in your closet, store them around your bed with a shoe organizer. This way, they are still easily accessible but remain out of the way.

With these tips, you will be able to maximize your RV storage and keep your small motor home as spacious as possible. When you need somewhere to store your Alberta RV in the offseason, you want somewhere convenient, secure, and affordable. That’s where Wheelers RV comes into play! Wheelers is a secure RV storage facility in Alberta. Rates start as low as $135! Call today to book your standard 15 by 40 stall over oversized space!