Questions to Ask Before You Buy an RV

Buying an RV is no small investment, but it can make summer road trips comfortable and regular occurrence. When you are beginning to think about embarking on an RV adventure, there are a few questions you have to ask.


Questions to Ask Yourself

1. What do you need out of your RV?

Knowing what you want to get out of your RV is essential. Are you interested only in a place to sleep or will you be
cooking? Figure out exactly what you’re looking for out of an RV by asking these three questions.

2. Who will be traveling with you?
If more than one person will be traveling with you, find an RV with enough room for the three of you to walk around and
sleep comfortably in.

3. How big do you need it to be?
Are you planning longer trips? If you are planning longer trips with more luggage, look for a larger RV to accommodate.
A typical RV is around 10-14 ft wide and 20-40 ft long.

4. What amenities do you need?
Will you be cooking on board the RV? Showering? Determining what activities you plan o carry out on the RV can give
you a pretty good idea of if you will need a full-functioning kitchen onboard or a shower.


New or Used

Next, determine if you want a new Or used RV. A new RV is relatively risk-free, but they are expensive. A used RV requires a little bit more caution when making a purchase, there are a lot of moving parts. If one thing doesn’t work in your used RV, it could throw a real wrench in your entire summer.

1. Condition

Is there anything evidently wrong with the vehicle? Does everything visually look okay? Look for notable dents or issues
with the tires.

2. Water damage

Swollen outer walls indicate water damage and will be expensive to restore. Any dark stains in and around water
fixtures are signs of water damage and shouldn’t be ignored.

3. Vehicle inspection

A vehicle inspection will take into consideration the power supplies and any hidden perils not explicitly mentioned when
buying your vehicle.


Once you’re content with your vehicle, you can follow through with the purchasing process. Now that you have your dream RV, it’s time to consider the off-season storage. The chances are, you don’t exactly have room on your property for a huge RV. For that reason, finding a secure facility to store your RV in the months you aren’t using it is essential. Wheelers RV Storage is a reliable facility located only minutes away from St. Albert. Our secure
the facility offers flexible storage and convenient daily hours, so you can reach your vehicle whenever you need.

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